Grading Syllabus

Gradings for Kup grades take place 4 times a year, usually in March, June, September, and December.

Kup gradings are conducted by Master Eddie Ellison 7th Dan, and other 4th Dan and above instructors.

All gradings are currently £23.

New belts are required for yellow, green, blue, and red belt, these are £3 each. Ellison’s Taekwondo adopts the tag system rather than the stripe system so you do not need to buy a new belt every grade.

The minimum training requirement between kup grades is 3 months, and all students are expected to have completed 3 months worth of training before taking the next exam.

There is a 6 month wait between red belt and black tag and a further 6 month between black tag and black belt.

Black belt exams are conducted through British Taekwondo at one of the 3 national Dan promotion exams each year in April, August and November. To apply for your black belt you must be reccomended by a 4th Dan instructor and be of the appropriate standard.

The Ellison’s kup grading syllabus can be viewed online, choose your grade from the list below: