Grading Syllabus

Gradings for Kup grades take place 4 times a year, usually in March, June, September, and December.

Kup gradings are conducted by Master Eddie Ellison 6th Dan, Becky Gordon 4th Dan, and Alex Gordon 4th Dan. Master Steve Baker 6th Dan Ju-Jitsu is often a guest examiner.

All gradings are currently £23.

New belts are required for yellow, green, blue, and red belt, these are £3 each. Ellison’s Taekwondo adopts the tag system rather than the stripe system so you do not need to buy a new belt every grade.

The minimum training requirement between kup grades is 3 months, and all students are expected to have completed 3 months worth of training before taking the next exam.

There is a 6 month wait between red belt and black tag and a further 6 month between black tag and black belt.

Black belt exams are conducted through British Taekwondo at one of the 3 national Dan promotion exams each year in April, August and November. To apply for your black belt you must be reccomended by a 4th Dan instructor and be of the appropriate standard.

The Ellison’s kup grading syllabus can be viewed online, choose your grade from the list below: