6th Kup – Green belt

# Move Notes
1. 10 Sit Ups
2. Back elbow strike Back stance
3. Double knife hand block Back stance
4. X-fist block Long stance
5. Back fist (knuckle) strike Long stance
6. Inner mid block, reverse punch Long stance
7. Knee strike
8. Turning kick
9. Inner crescent kick
10. Slip front snap kick
11. Front snap kick, low block, reverse punch Short stance
12. Knowledge:
Name of pattern 3 Taeguk Sam Jang
Meaning of Taeguk Sam Jang Fire and Sun
What is "front snap kick" in Korean? Apchagi
13. Tageuk Sam Jang (3)
14. Tageuk Il Jang (1)
15. 1-step sparring Punching to the body.
Demonstrate blocking and counter striking from right and left hand punches.
16. Sparring
17. Single hand release Same or cross-hand grab.
Include a counter strike.
18. Double hand release Include a counter strike.