2nd Kup – Red belt

# Move Notes
1. Knowledge:
Name of pattern 7 Taeguk Chil Jang
Meaning of Taeguk Chil Jang Mountain
What is "mid block in Back stance" in Korean? Momtong makki dwit kubi seogi
2. Taeguk Chil Jang (7)
3. Taeguk Yuk Jang (6)
4. Taeguk O Jang (5)
5. Taeguk Sa Jang (4)
6. Outer mid block and guarding block (as in Pal Jang) Back stance
7. Wedging block Long stance
8. Inner mid block, reverse punch Long stance
9. Knife hand block (Back stance), Reverse punch (Long stance) As in Sam Jang
10. Reverse elbow strike (face), reverse back knuckle (face), punch (mid section) As in Pal Jang
11. Slip axe kick
12. Spinning hook kick
13. Slip spinning hook kick
14. Chikyo chagi (left leg), Chikyo chagi (right leg) Axe kicks
15. Slip back (360) turning kick
16. Butterfly kick
17. Double side kick (as in Koryo)
18. 4 Release techniques
19. 1 Step sparring 4 techniques
21. Sparring
22. 2 Against 1 sparring Controlled contact
23. Pad work across the floor Head height
24. Destruction Suspended spinning hook kick
(Over 16s)