4th Kup – Blue belt

# Move Notes
1. Double forearm block Long stance
2. Front elbow strike (gather and strike) Long stance
3. Mid section knife hand twisting block (as in Yuk Jang) Long stance
4. Retreating double knife hand block Back stance
5. Jebi poom Long stance
6. Axe kick
7. Hook kick
8. Twisting kick
9. Spinning crescent kick
10. 2 B chagi (not jumping)
11. Front snap kick, double punch Long stance
First punch is over the front leg.
12. Knowledge:
Name of pattern 5 Taeguk O Jang
Meaning of Taeguk O Jang Wind
What is "high block" in Korean? Olgul makki
13. Taeguk O Jang (5)
14. Taeguk Sa Jang (4)
15. 3 release techniques
16. 1 step sparring 3 techniques
17. Sparring
18. Spinning side kick Big pad
19. Destruction Spinning side kick
(Over 16s)